The life is tough but beautiful, just like the good books

About the blog:

Here you can read about life, art and books I read, but mostly it’s about books. 

How do books we read shape our mind and our philosophy of life? Do they change us? Where do they take us? And finally, why do we actually read?

The idea is to embrace life as it is and find time to enjoy it. It’s just that simple and I would like to help people find the time and to READ. 

Writing this blog I will try to connect with people around the world through art and literature by presenting books written in English, German, Spanish, Ukrainian, Croatian and Serbian and hoping to bring book lovers closer together.

A blog about books, authors and reading but also about art and life.

About me:

German and Ukrainian teacher working with children with disabilities, engaged in occasional scientific work and research, a textbook author, a booklover, helpless fanatic for languages and art.